February 20, 2010

10 Laws of Personal Branding

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Follow these laws and make your personal brand stand out from the crowd.

1. Law of leadership

Be the first and unique in your career brand. Don’t try to emulate someones else career brand rather be the one with your own unique qualities.

2. Law of exclusivity

Create an exclusive brand of you, which differentiates and distinguishes you from the rest of the pack in your field. Not all individuals are the same therefore you have to discover your distinguishing style, personality attribute or skill as a branding feature.

Don’t try to be better try to be different. don’t knock the competition rather present yourself as an alternative to what other’s are not offering and what is unique about you. position yourself against the people in your area of expertise by being different not better.

3. Law of focus

Bring focus and clarity to your brand, so that people can identify you with one particular trait or characteristic. That characteristic should be narrow in focus. no matter how diverse market needs or people perceptions are but you need to keep you focus maintained. When people try to become master of all they loose their specificity and focus and become general.

4. Law of consistency

Be consistent and constant with your personal brand. Do what you say and stay faithfull to who you are. Don’t change your brand if it doen’t bring results in a short term (see law of perspective)

5. Law of resources / networking

Network not to get value but to give value. (see law of value) Good job without networking is exception. Be ready to do lot of networking to get a job.

6. Law of perspective

Build long term perspective because short term gain is a long term pain. don’t expect that your brand will suddenly being recognized by people or pop up in peoples minds. Lather make a plan and continuously work on it. Followed your goal by persistence and patience, which will bring results in the long run.

7. Law of Value

Your personal brand will bring value for you only when it also help other to bring value in their organization/life. Branding is a battle of ideas. Therefore position yourself by highlighting different skills and personal attributes that bring value to people and organizations.

8. Low of expansion

Never try to be an expert of all trades. As long as you remained focused on your brand, you`ll be recognized for who you are as your career brand, but if you try to extend your area of expertise to more than one area of expertise, you will jeopardize your credibility and focus and loose your position. Add expertise which supplement or reinforce the personal brand. less is more (see law of focus). if you stand for everything it means you stand for nothing. In the presence of serious competition broadening the focus is a recipe of failure.

9. Law of sacrifice

concentrate on key skills and qualities do not try to sell everything you know. Sacrifice some of your key qualities and bring more focus to selected qualities. (see law of focus) Remember branding is a battle of perception not person or skills. By keeping your focus on few you better distinguish from others in your field.

10. Law of acceleration

Create a brand which you can live with. Your personal brand should not be developed as a fad rather it should be a trend which should continue throughout your professional life. And as long as you are changing yourself with the trend you remain valuable and trendy in the market.


November 15, 2009

Become a Career Activist

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Following are the four key principles discussed by Barbara Moses in her book Career Intelligence, to become a career activist.

In a chapter Become a Career Activist she highlighted that in order to become a career intelligent you need to be a career activist. She define career activist as one who define him or herself independently from their organization, and taking charge of their own career choices. Any individual can make these choices if he or she knows who they are and what their strengths, interests and values are.

Four key principles of career management for becoming a career smart.

1. Be a career activist

“To be a career activist means to design your own future”. She give an example that we give enough attention to our health, finances and children but we give the least amount of attention to the area of our life which affect us most- our career. Therefore we need to bring a focus to this important area by becoming a career activist and defining our career in terms of who we are independent of our organization, job title, or what other people think of us.

Remember that the key for future career success is YOU, it is you who is responsible for your career success.

2. Know yourself

“To make informed choices it’s crucial to know yourself”. The key is to know your strengths, weakness, interest and values”. The process of knowing begins when we ask our self ordinary questions that could produce extra ordinary results such as who we are, what we want, where we want to go, what we want to do, what we are good at, what we value most and what we care about. Beside that you also need to define your personal ‘work ID’ based on your skills, attributes, interests, values and personal preferences. Remember self-knowledge bring focus to our career and enrich opportunities.

3. Know what you love

“To know what is important to you, you have to know what you love. Knowing what you love doesn’t mean you are guaranteed to find work that matches your passion, but it is a good first step”. Knowledge about yourself, your priorities and values is crucial to your career satisfaction. If you lost track of time in your work, it mean you love what you do “Work is one of the best ways people can express themselves”, writes Mihaly Csikszentimihalyi in his book Flow: The Psychology of Optimal Experience. “But it won’t happen without your participation. You have to ask yourself what you want out of life and find a job that is at least in part expressive of your own best abilities”.

4. Be who you are

“Don’t try to be something you are not”. Be who you are – your authentic self. “The market always determined what is desired, fashionable, valued and profitable”. We make a mistake by submitting to those market perceptions. “People turn themselves inside out to fit into positions that are fundamentally awful match with their skills, interests and values because they are terrified of being without a job”. Therefore we need to step back, reflect this and refuse to worship these market gods. “We each bring to the table a unique set of skills and attributes, which meaningfully describe who we are and how we can add value. We need to play through our strengths”.

Remember, you have a future and you have to create it. In short become a career activist means know yourself, develop a personal identity, do what you love and be who you are – a competent and effective human being. “Becoming an activist is not a luxury, it’s the key to your future career success.”

October 13, 2009

Hello world!

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